How Manly are you?

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Rate your manliness as a husband/boyfriend. Physical and emotional state of being is important Rate the traits of REAL masculine men. See how you rate in comparison to other men

Are you a masculine or somewhat feminine man? Do you overly concern yourself with gender stereotypes? Are you obsessed with the gay culture? You may be experiencing bi tendencies, or you may be a REAl man. Take the quiz to find out!

Created by: Jackson
  1. Do you do your own car repairs
  2. Do you take longer than 40 minutes on your appearance in the morning?
  3. I wear clothes that...
  4. Which best describes your hairstyle?
  5. Do you use more than two haircare products?
  6. Do you do minor repairs around the home?
  7. Are you more likely to be playing sports or watching sports?
  8. Are you mainly attracted to tomboys?
  9. Have you ever went skinny dipping with other men?
  10. What would make a jolly good Saturday afternoon?
  11. Are you in good physical shape?

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Quiz topic: How Manly am I?