Could you be a navy seal

This is a fun test to see if you are good and manly enough to become a true navy seal. This is your chance to know if you have what it takes. Take this quiz to find out.

Will you end up to be a lousy whimpy person, an avrage guy, or a truley manly guy who has a chance to make it into the navy seals. Now take this quiz and have fun.

Created by: mike
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you own a gun
  2. Can u swim
  3. Have u ever shot automatic weapons?
  4. Whats your worst injury
  5. Can you give orders
  6. Can you follow orders
  7. Do you work good under pressure
  8. Do you have any knives or weapons like them.
  9. do you have your drivers liscense BE TRUTHFUL
  10. Do u hunt
  11. Do you go fishing
  12. Do you know any firsat aid
  13. Do you play any sports
  14. Are u in shape
  15. What is the farthest you could run
  16. how much can you bench press

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