Are you Navy SEAL material?

Many people say that they want to become US Navy SEALs. But only a select few actually "become" SEALs. This quiz is designed to test your command skills, mental and physical stength, and attitude. To see if you really are the elite.

Are you one of the elite, or just a pawn? Take this test to figure out. Could you kill a man and feel nothing. Could you jump from an airplane at 30,000 feet? Are you willing to sacrifice anything and everything for your country? Are you a US Navy SEAL?

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  1. You are in the last phase of the PST. You have to run a 1.5 mile jog in under 11 minutes. You see an opening to cut the course, and NOBODY would see you. What is your course of action?
  2. You are deployed into your first mission. A reconnaissance mission in northern Russia. You also have an optional objective to take out a black market dealer. You have the primary target in sight. He is coming out of the facility to take a piss. How do you proceed?
  3. Alright, evac time. You are 4 miles from the coast of the Okhotsk sea. But it is freezing and your team is not equipped for an aquatic extract. There are patrols everywhere. How do you proceed.
  4. You are now called upon for a counter-terrorism operation in Berlin, Germany. There are twelve hostiles inside the perimeter of a 20 story hotel. How do you infiltrate the red zone?
  5. A tango has acquired a hostage and is now using him as a human sheild approximately 200 meters away. How do you neutralize the threat?
  6. Headshot or LTL?
  7. Could you handle not telling any of your family or friends, or even spuse what your job entails?
  8. You have inevitably confronted your primary target with a face to face encounter. You can see his eyes and they are pleading to let him live. Your orders are to kill him and get out. What is your plan?
  9. You see a squad member take a round to the jugular. You know that he will probably die within the minute. There is heavy fire at your position, and getting your teammate would expose you too. How do you proceed?
  10. Singlehandedly, you have battled your way into a compound, saved 20 or more hostages, and are almost done. However, there are some rogue nukes inside the compound that are triggered to launch. An airstrike can neutralize them, but then they will blow up and kill you. How do you advance?
  11. You are old and grey, thinking about your military days. How do you remember them?

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