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The NAVY SEALS are the most diverse, and the most challenging special forces group in the world to get into. They require you to be both physically, and mentally capable of surviving the horrors of war. They will make you go through hell to prove you deserve your trident. Do you think you have what it takes?

The test consists of only 10 questions with multiple answers that affect your score. Make sure you answer honestly, so you can get some personal advice from me based on your score. God speed, and good luck.

Created by: David Salmon of NAVY SEAL Official Site
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  1. Are you capable of doing at least a 100 push-ups per hour?
  2. How far can you run (without stopping once) HINT: I DO NOT MEAN SPRINTING
  3. To test your experience with firearms, what is the rifle caliber a standard M4 issue rifle will fire?
  4. Have you ever shot a rifle, handgun, or both?
  5. Are you able to handle simulated gun shots, explosions, barking dogs, and men yelling at you all at once while doing the hardest physical training you'll ever do in your life while only sleeping about 4 hours a day?
  6. Are you afraid of heights, deep water, or both?
  7. Are you hot headed?
  8. Are you Racist and/or biased towards a specific group of people in anyway?
  9. Are you willing to do whatever your superior officer tells you to? Even if you don't agree with the order being given?
  10. Are you willing to dedicate years of your life to the Armed Forces? Spending years at a time away from home?

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