How Ladylike Are You?

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You've read about how ladylike I actually am on Pretty and Poor-- the real question is, how do you stack up? This quiz will help you find out how ladylike you actually are! Think you can handle the truth?

This short, fun quiz will only take a few moments of your time. But it may just reveal a secret side of your personality you never knew you had. Manly? Womanly? Perfectly balanced? Take the quiz to find out my scientific approach!

Created by: Emily of Pretty and Poor
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  1. Someone cuts you off in traffic. You want to:
  2. While you're out dancing with your friends, a guy approaches you. He tells you your boobs look great. He's not cute. You:
  3. Your favorite drink is:
  4. How often do you use inappropriate language and four-letter words to describe your thoughts and feelings:
  5. You're out shopping and you have the option to choose between three patterns. Which one do you pick?
  6. Which show do you like best out of these three selections?
  7. Rate how funny you think this joke is: Joke: "Have you ever heard of Helen Keller's treehouse?" Answer: "Neither has she."
  8. Who is your favorite rapper?
  9. You're out to lunch with friends. There are three things on the menu. Please pick one of the menu selections below:
  10. When you think about the perfect date, it usually involves:
  11. What's your favorite naughty word?

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