Which BTS Member Are You?

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This quiz really delves and focuses on your personality to determine who you are within the BTS members. Including MBTIs, zodiac signs, opinions, and more.

BTS has very specific personalities which aren't perfectly compared to ours because we are all different and unique people. This quiz cuts pretty close to who you are most like in BTS.

Created by: Sammy and Kat
  1. What's your MBTI? (If you don't know, look up 16 personalities test and take it to find out your MBTI!)
  2. What's your zodiac sign?
  3. Are you more left brain (methodical, analytical) or right brain (creative, "free spirit")?
  4. Are you more open, closed off, or in the middle with revealing your feelings?
  5. Decide with your head or heart?
  6. Use an off day to sleep or to go out?
  7. Do you get angry or tolerate it when people are being annoying?
  8. Travel alone or with someone else?
  9. Twitter or Vlive?
  10. Stick to the script or improvise?
  11. Visual entertainment (TV, video games), or unplugged entertainment (Reading, drawing, writing)?
  12. Music Video that's plot-heavy or choreography-heavy?
  13. Look to the future or live in the present?
  14. What's your clothing style like?
  15. What do you prefer most?
  16. Cool vs Cute

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Quiz topic: Which BTS Member am I?