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  • I am 100% liberal when it comes to helping the homeless and those still lacking access to the necessities of life.I support making all taxes progressive,means-t esting all government benefits.I was a civil rights activist when Obama was a toddler. I believe we should not only tolerate, but respect, people regardless of their beliefs or their skin color. I have traditional views on social issues, but consider compassion the highest value.

  • 29% Liberal; I dont think thats too inaccurate, Im an openly gay man, I dont consider myself secular, but I am an agnostic, when It comes to guns, I support freedom, Im more conservative than I am liberal, I dont use many substances, and Im a bit of a prohibitionist, obviously I dont think it should be illegal, but I like the laws in my state which prohibit the purchase of alcohol on Sundays. Also, Im very patriotic. And when it comes to gender norms I think its okay to question gender norms and identity. Sexual freedom is also something that is important to me,I can be quite prudish about correct sexual conduct, but socially, I dont get upset when people want to be themselves sexually, I can seem a bit modest and uptight though.

  • Far too one-dimensional to be of any practical insight. Plus, I would be hesitant to trust anything from a quiz which forces me to call the GRAMMAR POLICE, which I will now proceed to do.

    E Lunatic
  • I don't think I'm 56% liberal. 100% would have to be radical socialism or something, so the creator is either a right-winger or a Stalinist that thinks he is a liberal. Marxism is not progressivism.

  • only 7% liberal?!

    Netto PP
  • Riiiiiiight.


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