How Joe are you?

The great prophet Joe once wrote that "a good mother's day present, makes a very good father's day present." Bear that in mind as you examine the world around you.

Will the exalted prophet Joe reserve a place for you in his wonderful plan for the world, or will he cast you out like the insidious menace that you are?

Created by: Jonathan Crook

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  1. Can you weigh a plane down with grass?
  2. A is for...?
  3. You draw the line at...?
  4. Do you like Greenday?
  5. Do you like 'A lighter shade of pale?'
  6. How shall we get into town?
  7. What do you consider unimaginable fun?
  8. What can improve practically anything?
  9. How do you like to eliminate your enemies?
  10. Alex?
  11. What is the greatest anomaly in the field of modern physics?
  12. How did you arrive on this planet?
  13. What is your relationship with God?
  14. Are you Joe?

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Quiz topic: How Joe am I?