How Jack are you

Many believe they are Jack through and through. Spinning endless boring dits to anyone who'll listen. However you can only be truly Jack if you can answer this quiz

If you really want to know if you truly are an anchor faced Jack . Then step this way , knuckle down and take the quiz , if you think you're up to it

Created by: Richard Townsend
  1. Boobs are what ?
  2. Trego mills is better known as
  3. A brown hatter could be found In the following
  4. A night out in Guz always started at the following
  5. If you were offered a baby's head what would you do
  6. A dewdney was the
  7. The hole in the wall was a right of passage when visiting
  8. The hole in the wall was a right of passage when visiting
  9. A wheely was something that
  10. A Tanky was a special breed of
  11. Foreign currency is referred to as

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Quiz topic: How Jack am I