What does Jack Frost think about you?

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Hi my name is Rosa Cullen. I know there are many Jack Frost and Reader fanfiction also quizzes. So I made one of my own. Jack and the other guardians will be also participating.

Do you want to what Jack thinks about you? Then you came to the right place. Yes Jack and the other guardians will be participating. Please take your time and enjoy.

Created by: Rosa Cullen
  1. This will not effect on the quiz but were going to have a role play.
  2. RP: You were walking in the snow. Jack: I'm taking over Me: What nooo! Jack: To late what do you think about snow
  3. Jack: Were not having a role play anymore (tying up Rosa (me) and jack snickers) Jack: What's your favorite color?
  4. Jack: What's your favorite season?
  5. Jack: Which is your favorite guardian?
  6. Jack: What do you think of me?
  7. Jack: What is your reaction if I ask you on a date?
  8. Jack: I will let the other guardian to ask you a question.Your up North! North: What's your favorite holiday
  9. Jack: Tooth your up! Tooth: What do you think about Jack's teeth?
  10. Jack: Kangaroo your up Bunnymud: I'm a bunny the Easter Bunny. Now what do you think about me?
  11. Jack: Sandy your up! Sandy: (sign language) Do you like my work?
  12. Me: Ha! Ha! I'm free! Jack: What! How did you get out? Me: Tooth help me Jack: Tooth! Tooth: *giggles* sorry Me: Choose one
  13. Me: Let's fate decide

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