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  • Each time I take it to make sure it's "He loves me" I get "He loves me" *squeals in happiness*

    Jeff: I will make Frost go to sleep!

    Me: *facepalms* Srry everyone, they all (well most of them) fight over me when I take these quizzes. Honestly on my side it's kinda funny.

    LJ: I think he's a good man for young Willow.
    Me: LJ you sound like my Dad... XD
    Jack Frost: *flies over* Hey Willow.
    Jeff: *tackles Jack* Die!

    Me: Uh... bye. I gotta deal with this bull. *sweatdrops*

  • His eyes...are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen... OHMYGODS HE LOVES ME! *faints*

    Ron: *glares at jack* It's hard enough trying to keep her away from the half-blood and the warlock and the muggle. Now she's in love with an immortal? I don't think I'll be able to control her anymore.

    Leo: Jack Frost, huh? *flame balls appear* How about you an me see who wins: Fire or Ice.

    Merlin: Oh, so I'm "the warlock" now? Veeery creative, man-with-a-stick.

    Ron: It's a wand!

    Merlin: *smirks* i don't use a wand, yet I'm still the most powerful one of us.

    Me: OI! Stop, all of you! *glances apologetically at audience* Sorry 'bout that. They get really out of control and competitive when I fall for another guy.

  • I really not into Jack but he's such a.... *mutters cuss words under breath* Pitch is better than Jack anyway, I mean Pitch was lonely and wanted a family like someone to love him....TO love him!

  • He likes me ^-^

  • He loves me omg 90%

  • He loves me but frankly i like hicup more(the first one)

  • LOL! He hates me.

  • Holy crap! 100%!!! Love 100% XDDDD


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