How much of an expert on ARJ's films are you? part 2

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I created the sequel to " How much of an expert on ARJ's films are you?" because later i found a lot of interesting facts that outta be tested. Did the misfit song really make it through the 80's?

Have YOU memerized these incredibly great films? please leave a comment if you like it this isn't my first quiz. Who played Jack Frost? Why are there random questions being asked?

Created by: Natasha Bird
  1. What is "A Dolly For Sue"'s problem?
  2. In Jack Frost, what was Snip's false identity?
  3. Where were most of the films made?
  4. True or False: in a way, Father Winter blew snow over his own castle.
  5. In Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, What song does Burgermeister Meisterburger sing a reprise solo of?
  6. True or false: We're a couple of misfits was always in Rudolph
  7. In Jack Frost, what song does Jack sing while flying to the kingdom of the winter clouds?
  8. In the Last unicorn, what happened to the witch that killed her?
  9. What knocks into Chris while he's walking in Santa Claus is coming to town?
  10. What does the burgermiester do to get Chris to surrender?

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Quiz topic: How much of an expert on ARJ's films am I? part 2