How much of an expert on ARJ's films are you?

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Arthur Rankin Junior made great films such as Jack Frost, The last Unocorn, Santa Claus is coming to town, the little drummer boy, and many more. His films have pleased us for decades, since the time when the Beatles were famous!

How much of this masterpeice filmaker have YOU seen? are you an ARJ expert? these winter films and so much more are true masterpeices, with wit and humor.

Created by: Natasha Brid
  1. In Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, who plays Santa?
  2. Which movie did Robert Morse star in?
  3. In Rudolph And Frosty's Christmas in July, what famous character appeared ONLY at the end?
  4. What movies/ shows did he make that weren't modeled?
  5. What was Jack Frost before he was human?
  6. What movie was made in 1979?
  7. In which movie did Robert Morse star in?
  8. which villan dercreed that no toys shall be in their town?
  9. How is the 1982 version of rudolph looking different from the older 1964 version?
  10. What was on the tag that came on Chris in Santa Claus is Coming to Town?

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Quiz topic: How much of an expert on ARJ's films am I?