The Jack The Ripper Suspects Isolation Quiz

Let's see how much you know then. A minor distraction to get those brain cells working during this slightly bizarre life we are all leading at the moment...

All answers are in lower case. If an answer would normally have an apostrophe in it, please include it in your answer - for example - jack's or didn't.

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  1. How many victims are classified as canonical?
  2. Where did Mary Jane Kelly die?
  3. Which two word answer best describes the most common name for the letter which first saw the term 'Jack the Ripper'?
  4. What was the name of Edmund Reid's son-in-law who is often mistaken for Edmund in photographs on the internet?
  5. Who was the only victim to be found within the City Police jurisdiction.?
  6. PC George Hutt was, other than her killer, the last person to see which victim?
  7. Which victim was found in Henriques Street?
  8. Long Liz was born in which country
  9. Which Assistant Chief Commissioner had a holiday in Switzerland?
  10. The stamp of which workhouse was found on Mary Ann Nichols underskirt?

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