The really extreme frustrating harry potter quiz

There are many people who read books but many of them skim over the minor details such as what they're wearing and how the room was decorated. But in this quiz you will see just throughly you read the books...

Do you have extraordinary brainpower? Do you have a special compartment in your brain for minor details such as these? Do you memorise every single detail you come across? If yes this is the quiz for you!

Created by: Tiffany Brady
  1. In book 3 what date is buckbeaks hearing on?
  2. In book 5 when harry comes running into the hospital wing looking for mcgonagall what colour liquid was madam pomfrey pouring into montaque's mouth?
  3. In book two which of these is something that moaning myrtle is not called?
  4. In book 2 how many pumpkins was hagrid growing?
  5. In book 6 during quidditch practice who did ron punch in the mouth?
  6. In book 7 what was Bellatrix's wand made out of and what was the core?
  7. In book 2 what was happening to ron that made him pratically ignore harry telling him that riddle's diary is clean even though the ink bottle smashed onto it?
  8. In book 3 when snape took the defence against the arts class which of these hadn't they studied yet?
  9. In book 2 what colour boil did ron's wand give flitwick?
  10. how long is harry's wand?

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