How Isle O Woight Are You?

Many people claim to be true Islanders, but how many generations are you? Do you know your gallybagger from your Mallyshag? Your overners from you grockles?

With this quiz you will learn nothing really other than whether the author can spell or not, but it is quite a good way to kill 5 minutes while you are checking Facebook!

Created by: julia
  1. What is a gallybagger?
  2. If admitted to Whitecroft Hospital you would been.
  3. A caulkhead is.
  4. What is a nipper?
  5. What is nammet?
  6. Who was Sir Godfrey Baring?
  7. If you had a Mallyshag in your niswam would you.
  8. John Nash was.
  9. If you are on the cat you are.
  10. What came from Sandown seafront?

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Quiz topic: How Isle O Woight am I?