Are you all Wight?

Well, could you blend in with the natives on The Isle of Wight, or stand out like a sore thumb? Take the quiz and see if you qualify for Island residence, or should remain firmly on The North Island.

Take this fun quiz and find your score. It's all my own work, so don't take it too seriously! Some questions are straight forward, some are my interpretation. You have been warned!

Created by: leytonexile
  1. What is the correct spelling of the island's name?
  2. A bridge to the mainland should be built
  3. The traffic lights on Coppin's Bridge roundabout
  4. Alum Bay is famous for
  5. Famous people incarcerated in Carisbrooke Castle include
  6. The French invaded the island and sacked Newtown in
  7. A Southern Vectis bus in the 70s collided with
  8. On January 3rd 1995, three prisoners escaped from Parkhurst. One was an amateur pilot, so they tried to steal a plane from Bembridge Airfield. Why did they say they went there and not Sandown Airfield?
  9. Jimi Hendrix played his last gig at The Isle of Wight pop festival. When?
  10. Jimi Hendrix can still be seen on The Island. Where?
  11. One of the following famous people wasn't born on The Island. Spot the imposter!
  12. The Island is reputedly the most haunted in England. Where would you be at midnight on New Year's Eve if you were ghost hunting?

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Quiz topic: Am I all Wight?