Isle of Wight super quiz

This quiz may sound, or look easy but you can only complete it if you have a brain like a sponge, also you have to have studied a lot for only the clever can complete this!

Are you clever enough to conquer my malicious questions. To you have the brain of a bird or a brain of an elephant. Continue on and we shalt see!!!!!!!

Created by: Alanah

  1. What movie was set there?
  2. What is the most famous attraction there?
  3. What is Alum Bay?
  4. Who founded the island?
  5. What famous TV show actor was born there?
  6. Is there an ancient forest there?
  7. What sea/river/Chanel is closest to the island?
  8. How many people lived there in 2015?
  9. What is the part of the isle of wight beginning with a v called?
  10. What is the main city?

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