How Herefordian are you?

Hereford is an undistinguished little city with a failed football team, a bankrupt council and a drink problem. However some of us are proud to be natives.

Contradictorily, wanting to be local immediately sets you apart as an incomer. Take this test to see how acclimatised you are to the forgotten county.

Created by: A Russell

  1. What colour are Hereford cattle?
  2. What pint do you drink?
  3. If someone says 'look, see, right' does it mean
  4. Did your grandparents live in the county?
  5. Tractors are for
  6. Which implement is missing from the Hereford rap: Rotavator, cultivator, _________, plough
  7. What is a flail?
  8. Have you ever seen the Mappa Mundi?
  9. How do you feel about Hereford?
  10. Do you think Leominster is

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Quiz topic: How Herefordian am I?