How well do you know Local Natives?

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So there's this band called Local Natives. If you haven't heard of them, well then you simply have a bad taste in music. Their life changing melodies and harmonies make them one of the greatest bands in the world, if not THE greatest.

Are you a true Local Natives fan. You make think so but I must warn you, this quiz is not for lightweights. See if you can consider yourself a hardcore fan or if you're just a bandwagoner.

Created by: Kevin Doom

  1. Who gave Taylor his 1960's Goya guitar?
  2. Where did Ryan move when he was a kid?
  3. What is Ryan's favorite combo at In N' Out Burger?
  4. Who is the song Airplanes about?
  5. What was the band previously known as?
  6. The song Warning Sign is really a cover song. Who originally wrote it?
  7. What is the only song where Ryan plays keyboard and the tom drum?
  8. What does Taylor usually wear around his neck?
  9. What member of The National produced Hummingbird?
  10. At five to six, who can't you find?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Local Natives?