How "Harlow Town" are you?

After doing a few different quizzes on here. I decided to create a quiz of my own. This quiz is about Harlow Town and how well you think you know Harlow.

So if you're from Harlow or used to be from Harlow, let's see how much you really know about Harlow Town. Take the quiz and see how well you do. Let's see if you really are a Harlow Genius!

Created by: Jay Petty
  1. How many Tesco stores are there in Harlow?
  2. Which Pub in Harlow no longer exists?
  3. Whereabouts in Harlow is Tye Green Village?
  4. What's the name of the building where Live bands perform?
  5. Which secondary school featured in a documentary called "Educating Essex?
  6. Brockles Mead Flats had a nickname. What was it?
  7. Which London Airport is closest to Harlow Town?
  8. Does the Stow shopping centre have a Bank?
  9. Which secondary school did "Glenn Hoddle" attend?
  10. What is the name of the road that runs from Staple Tye to Northbrooks?

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Quiz topic: How "Harlow Town" am I?