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  • 97%

    So true! I have trained my dog to lay down, roll over, play dead, shake, jump and got through a tunnel. I have also reinforced what she already knew, sit, stay, heel and come. She also responds to questions, like 'are you hungry?' or, 'do you want to go out?'I swear, I'm not trying to boast. I'm just really proud of my dog, she's come a lot farther than where she was when we got her.

    • do they know the finger guns? if u finger guns them do they "die"?

  • 56% Good dog. I expected my score to be a little lower, but to know that my dog behaves a little above average is good to know. Because my dog is vicious and chews up anything on the floor. So... -_-

  • 76% even though I care for my fur baby 24-7.


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