How Good Is Your Dog?

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Do you own a TRULY good dog? Never mind how your dog behaves, how does your dog act in terrible situations? Would it save you from a fire? From a burglar?

Take this quiz to find it! Rate, comment, take my other quizzes, please. And thanks very very very much for getting one of my quiz's ranked 8th on the front page! that was incredible you all are the best!

Created by: AlexTheCat
  1. Your dog is a...
  2. What color is your dog?
  3. Your dog is in which category. If its a mix breed just guess :)
  4. When you walk your dog your canine...
  5. When you hold a dog-treat in front of his face he... (test it out if you want)
  6. You are walking in the park with your dog on a leash and a cat runs by! Your dog...
  7. A robber is picking your house lock while you are on the couch! What would your dog do?
  8. Your favorite thing about your dog is his...?
  9. Does your dog know how to "sit" and how to "stay" on command?
  10. How well does your dog listen to you?
  11. Does your dog do any of the following? peeing/pooping on floor, tearing up things not his/eating food of counters?
  12. Has your dog ever bit anyone (human or animal)?
  13. Your dog is generally...?

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Quiz topic: How Good Is my Dog?