How good are you at SMW hacking?

There are many people who are know very little about SMW hacking, some who know a decent amount of SMW hacking and others who know a lot of stuff. Which category do you belong to?

Take this quiz to find it. There are some basic questions pertaining to LM, some to SMW hacking tools, some to ASM and other aspects of SMW hacking and a couple of others related to the SNES. CHOOSE THE BEST POSSIBLE ANSWER.

Created by: smwhack

  1. How do you insert a custom sprite into a ROM?
  2. Which of these is the most accurate emulator of the SNES?
  3. Which program could be used to apply an .asm patch?
  4. How many levels (including sub-levels) exist, by default, in an SMW ROM?
  5. What program could be used to change the player's graphics?
  6. What is the main purpose of a hex editor, for the average SMW hacker?
  7. How many screen does a layer 3 tide level have?
  8. How many 8x8 tiles can fit in one ExGFX file?
  9. How many colours, including transparency, can a layer 3 tile have?
  10. What type of sprite is Mario?
  11. Which of the following places in SMW utilises Mode 7?
  12. How many bytes are there in a full ROM bank?
  13. What would you do to make to remove the water from a water level such as Soda Lake?
  14. Which graphics format do the standard SMW backgrounds on a clean ROM, use (when compressed)?
  15. What engine does SMW use for music?
  16. Which RAM Address controls Mario's powerup?
  17. How much faster is the SA-1 chip than the SNES?
  18. How does a dynamic sprite differ from a regular sprite?
  19. What is the maximum amount of SRAM an SMW ROM can hold?
  20. What type of ROM is SMW?
  21. What tool could be used to insert layer 3 backgrounds into SMW?
  22. What is the OAM?
  23. How would you change the default palette of the Goomba?
  24. How many submaps can be edited using Lunar Magic?
  25. What is the maximum value the echo delay in a song, on a clean ROM, can use before it blasts in bsnes?

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Quiz topic: How good am I at SMW hacking?