Are You a True Nerd?

This quiz will determine if you are a nerd or not. It quizzes all aspects of nerds & brainiacs! Love for books, computer hacking skills, love for video games, etc. Have fun and take your time.

Take this quiz! Its amazing. It will let you know whether or not you are truly a freaky genius nerd. If you can truly call yourself one of us! And if you are one of us... Congratulations.

Created by: Briana
  1. Do you read books?
  2. Do you like Harry potter?
  3. Do you play calculator games?
  4. Have you spent hours in a book store reading?
  5. Do you actually pay attention in class?
  6. Do you wear glasses?
  7. What do your grades look like??
  8. Are you in nerdy clubs (High IQ Club, Beta Club, Student Council, Science Olympiad, Odyssey of the Mind, Debate Team, etc.)
  9. What does your college list look like?
  10. How many AP or Honors classes are you in?
  11. Do you watch nerdy TV shows (history channel, documentaries, CNN, etc.)
  12. Can you hack into computers?
  13. Are you obsessed with computers?
  14. Do you play video games?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Nerd?