How much do you know about SMWC and SMW hacking?

Do you wonder how much you know about Super Mario wrold and Super Mario World Cetral? Well, stop wondering! Take this super-short quiz and you will easialy find out!

Do YOU know much about Super Mario World hacking and Super Mario world Central? Are YOU the super Mario World genius? Is there a chance you hack will get accepted? Who knows? me, maybe?

Created by: Telinc1

  1. Who founded Super Mario World Central?
  2. How many "An Super Mario World Cetntral Productions" are there?
  3. What you CAN'T insert in Super Mario World?
  4. What is 65c816 ASM and what is ASM?
  5. What does an IPS patch contain?
  6. What does LDA mean?
  7. Except Addmusic and SampleTool, what else do you need to insert samples?
  8. Which of these one is an SMWC random tip?
  9. Which one of the tools listed below is the buggest one?
  10. Who is Cutoffness Man?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about SMWC and SMW hacking?