How much do you know about SMW Tools?

This is a test to see how much you know about the tools that allow you to hack Super Mario World. This is my first test. Please refrain from flaming me.

This text exists to fill up space because it was a required field and I have no clue why I hack Super Mario World and stuff so anyway enjoy the test.

Created by: MercuryPenny
  1. What is the program to edit SMW's levels?
  2. What tool is the most popular method of inserting patches?
  3. What is the beginning of all names of all music adding tools for SMW?
  4. Who is the person who first created SpriteTool?
  5. Who is the person who improved SpriteTool?
  6. What do BlockTool Super Deluxe, SpriteTool, AddMusic, xkas and Lunar Magic do in that order?
  7. What are the three major SNES emulators?
  8. Is there an obscure in-editor emulator for Lunar Magic?
  9. If yes, who made it?
  10. Finally, can one make their own graphics?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about SMW Tools?