Test Your Super Mario Knowledge

Super Mario, the timeless, but timeline-less, franchise that has survived from the NES/Famicom to the Nintendo Switch (and beyond?). Many children around the world have grown up with the Italian plumber whose princess is almost always in another castle.

Did you grow up with Super Mario & Super Luigi? Did your childhood consist of Toads, Goombas, and Fire Flowers? Well now your childhood knowledge will be tested. Here, your knowledge of the Mario universe will be put on the line. Are YOU a Mario master?

Created by: MasterHand4444
  1. The American Super Mario Bros. 2 NES game is a Mario skin-swap of what Japanese NES game?
  2. What is the name of Brouqe Monsieur's fiesty pet?
  3. Which two characters do Petey Piranha eat in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time?
  4. In which Wario Land game does Wario obtain a magic globe and goes to find the Bottomless Coin Sack and a species called the Merfles?
  5. Princess Peach has always been called Peach in Japan, but what was her original American name?
  6. Who was the first boss of Super Mario Galaxy?
  7. What is Bowser called after using a Super Bell on himself in Super Mario 3D World?
  8. Super Paper Mario's Fracktail is considered the SPM counterpart of which dragon from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door?
  9. The character Geno from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is owned by what company?
  10. Remember question #1? In Japan, they had SMB2, but it's name was changed in America. What American game is it?
  11. In Dr. Mario 64, if the player gets no continues as Wario, who can they fight after the final battle?
  12. In which Mario RPG game do you fight Torkscrew?
  13. This quiz is long. I'm sorry!
  14. What was Queen Bee's name in Mario Kart 7?
  15. Which of these Mario-eating fish debuted in New Super Mario Bros?
  16. Which NES game appeared in a bundle-cartridge with Super Mario Bros?
  17. What is the only game series where Mario is the main villain is some games?
  18. In In which of these games can you wear Mario's cap and mustache? (Hint: It's not a Mario game!!)
  19. True or False?: Captain Toad originally appeared in Super Mario 3D World.
  20. Mario has had cameos in many games, but in what game was there a character named "Great Tiger?"
  21. Many Mario characters have been in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Before they added Nintendo characters, what was SSB's original name?
  22. True or False: Mario was originally a plumber.
  23. Which Mario & Luigi-exclusive character says this: "I have chortles!"
  24. What was the first Mario Party to feature the "everyone's on the same vehicle" feature?
  25. In the "Super Mario" wall decal pack, which Toad was featured other than the generic Toad?
  26. What was Wendy O. Koopa's name in the DIC cartoons?
  27. What was Mario's original name?
  28. Final question: What is World 5's boss in Super Mario Bros?

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