Mario games-3D edition-HARD

There are many Mario games out there, but the gems are the 3D platformers. From the good old days of Super Mario 64 to the modern day Super Mario 3D World.

This quiz will test your knowledge on 3D Mario games. They may be easy for some but I guarantee it will be hard for most. Many small details from these games can be missed. Time to see if you were paying attention. Let's-a go!

Created by: Brant C 54
  1. Which of these games does NOT have Yoshi?
  2. Which game can only be played by one player?
  3. In how many 3D Mario games will lava instantly kill you?
  4. Which game out of these selections is the only game without Goombas?
  5. True or False? The long jump can be performed in every 3D Mario game.
  6. What occurs if you throw King Bob-omb off of the mountain in Super Mario 64?
  7. How many toads give you a star in Super Mario 64?
  8. How many stars are required for Bowser fight #2 in Super Mario 64?
  9. On to Super Mario Sunshine! Which mission must be completed to unlock Yoshi in Delfino Plaza?
  10. How many Polluted Piranha Plants must you fight?
  11. Who made the the Magic Paintbrush?
  12. Super Mario Galaxy up next! Which of these is NOT the name of a galaxy?
  13. Which of these galaxies includes a green star?
  14. How many times do you have to defeat Topmaniac?
  15. Super Mario Galaxy 2!! Which course from Super Mario 64 makes a return?
  16. Which mission is the only one where the boo mushroom is available?
  17. Which boss from the first Super Mario Galaxy doesn't return?
  18. Super Mario 3D Land! How many star medals are required for the final Bowser battle?
  19. What can you see appear in the background of world 1-3?
  20. How do you earn the star medals in Special World 5-5?
  21. Lastly, Super Mario 3D World! How many switches do you encounter that must be pressed by certain characters?
  22. What's the name of the final level of world star?
  23. What stamp do you earn from Champion's Road?

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