What Kind of Person Are You: Gamer Edition

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So, have you ever wondered what type of gamer you are? And, by that, I mean, what kind of games do you like? Well, if you ever wondered, here's where you can find your answer!

Which do you subconsciously like better? RPGs, Shooters, Lego Games, Sandbox Games, Platformers, Racing Games, Sports Games, Party Games, or Strategy Games? Find out here!

Created by: Spencer Lee Hemminger
  1. Do you like board games?
  2. Do you like sports?
  3. Do you like war games?
  4. Do you like games where you can equip stuff?
  5. Do you like Legos?
  6. Do you like building and architecture?
  7. Do you like shooting games?
  8. Which of these would you rather play?
  9. Do you like games where you can build your own world?
  10. Which weapon would you rather use?
  11. Do you like games with storylines?
  12. Do you like Mario and Luigi Games?
  13. Do you like games where you can explore?
  14. Do you like games where your actions actually have consequences?
  15. Which of these would you rather play?

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