the ultra gamer test

Are you A noob? A Newb? A padawan of Games? A good gamer or a FREAKIN GOD OF GAMES who knows the ways of the games of the new and the old time.Know now!

There are a lot of gamer test out there but this is simple and short but has good questions about old and new games give it a try and know your gamer level!

Created by: Mr.PotatoLord

  1. What does Sora calls the enemy in Kingdom hearts?
  2. Who Created the Play Station?
  3. What was Mario originaly called?
  4. In assassin's creed who is Altair's wife?
  5. Who made the Uncharted series?
  6. In the first InFamous what is the main Character's name?
  7. In Dragon Age: origins Who will be your first Mage party member?
  8. In the last of us did joel's daughter really died?
  9. In one of the Halo games when you play the hardest mode will master chief show his face?
  10. (Some people dont know this)In the legend of Zelda what is the main character's name
  11. Alright then who is Zelda?
  12. In Pokemon FireRed who is the starter watertype pokemon.
  13. Who are the 3 main characters in GTA V?
  14. In GTA liberty City what does your Boss shout when you crossed the unfinished bridge?
  15. Whats the expansion pack for Dragon age origins called?
  16. Who was the first Boss Kratos has to kill in God of War?
  17. Lastly. HoW mAnY gAmEs HaVe YoU pLaYeD???

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