How well do you know the Mario games?

Okay, so, this is the short, easy version- only ten questions because when you see those quizzes with like forty questions, well, "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"

It's about Mario, duh, and I guarantee that if you're anything like me you'll get over 90% correct. Me? I have no life. I wasted it all on these games. Ah, poor little me.

Created by: Jason
  1. What color overalls did Mario wear in the original Donkey Kong arcade game?
  2. What was Bowser's original name?
  3. In the original game, did Donkey Kong wear a tie?
  4. What is the power of the red baby Yoshi in New Super Mario Bros. U?
  5. When Luigi gets a Super Leaf in New Super Mario Bros. 2, what does he turn into?
  6. What is the green light in the Poltergust 5000 (in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon) called?
  7. What color is the gem on King Boo's crown in Luigi's Mansion for the Nintendo GameCube?
  8. What's Luigi's special power in Super Mario Bros. 2 (for the NES)?
  9. What was Iggy Koopa's original name in the Super Mario Bros. Comics?
  10. In Mario Kart DS, what is Mario's main kart?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Mario games?