Do you know mario?

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The quiz is to find out what knowlage of Mario games you have. You have (probly) trained for this by plaing Mario video games for a really long time.

If you havent played Mario games for a long time, you are probly not going to do so well on this quiz. But if you have been playing Mario for a long time, you're good.

Created by: Sonic
  1. Who was the origanal boss in Mario?
  2. Who was Princess Peach's two names before Nintendo changed it?
  3. What was Bowser's orignal name?
  4. What is Mario's brother's name?
  5. Does Mario get a kiss from Peach in every game?
  6. How many characters live in castles?
  7. Does Bowser help Mario in a game other than Mario Kart?
  8. In Mario Kart 7, what is the rare item that you get?
  9. Does Bowser have kids?
  10. For bonus points, what happens when you get Lucky 7 in Mario Kart, what happens?

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Quiz topic: Do I know mario?