What Mario Boss are you? (GIRLS ONLY!)

Hey girls!! Told you there'd be a quiz for you!! I understand that there are probably not a lot of you out there, but for those who are, like me, here you go.

I can see why there wouldn't be so many girl bosses in these games, and I'm sorry for all of the Paper Mario references, but I am a HUGE fan of those games!! Have fun, and don't believe everything you hear on the internet!!

Created by: Good Luck!
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  1. You see Mario coming with his fighting gear. You think that all is lost, but then you realize that his partner is hot!!! How do you prepare?
  2. Have you ever played any of the Paper Mario games?
  3. Have you ever played Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time?
  4. Have you ever played Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time?
  5. Have you ever played Super Mario 3 or watched the old SM3 cartoons?
  6. You and your class are assigned a science project on bugs. What do you do?
  7. For a school trip, you go camping in the woods. What do you decide to do?
  8. Out of the following, which one would you rather be?
  9. You HATE:
  10. How do you impress a guy that you like???

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Quiz topic: What Mario Boss am I? (GIRLS ONLY!)