The Mario Maniac Quiz

There are Many people that claim they know about Mario, Claiming they know it all, just to hog all the glory like the pigs they are. If only there was a way to prove them wrong, if only there was a way to keep they're sanity, but now, THERE IS!

Do YOU want to prove them wrong? Take this quiz and prove your a Mario Maniac! People will be jealous, Girls will like you (Ya right =P) Boys will want to be you (Again: Ya right =P) And trust me, I know this cuz Im one =P

Created by: Hayden

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  1. What is the first Enemy you encounter in Super Mario Brothers 1?
  2. In Super Mario brothers 1, Which world does the left pipe in world 1-2 lead to?
  3. What does Mario hit blocks with, Head or hand?
  4. What does Mario hit blocks with, Head or hand?
  5. What was Mario Originally named?
  6. Who is the Man behind Mario? His creator?
  7. When Super Mario Bros. 3 was being developed, What was one major change to Mario and Luigi's appearance that where made?
  8. In the DIC cartoon, Super Mario Bros., How do Mario and Luigi come to live in the Mushroom kingdom?
  9. Riddle Time: Although my appearance is friendly, Do not be fooled, Upon consumption, I will make you burn up inside. What am I?
  10. Mario has superhuman abilities. What is it that gives him these?
  11. "Itsa-me-a Mario!" Is Memorable for what Videogame Opening?
  12. What Species is Bowser?
  13. Riddle time: I Sparkle with joy, and jump when freed, the lucky person who touches me, becomes immortal. What Am I?
  14. What does F.L.U.D.D stand for?
  15. How old Is Mario?
  16. Who's Older? Mario or Luigi?
  17. Which enemy would not have been added to the Mario franchise if Doki Doki panic hadn't created him?
  18. In Paper Mario 2, Which is the Secret Partner that can be unlocked?
  19. True or False, There is a backdoor to the trouble center revealing the Person behind the counter?
  20. Final Question: In what Area in Super Mario world can you first obtain the Feather Power-up.

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