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  • Your Result: Really Gentle 74%

    Amazing! You really know how to draw the line with gentleness and protection with force, you probably keep a stable job, if you have one at least, have healthy kids, and are happily married. Good luck on your life!

    Yassss! I really cherish and love gentleness. If i was ever to get in a relationship.. gentleness would be my 2nd main thing in it, the 1st is loving me for me lol! great quiz! i rated it great! <3 you guys

    • My result: Kind of Gentle 78%

      I would be fine with this if not for the animal abuse comment. That stung. Also, I dont need to watch my back for getting arrested because I do everything in my power to avoid it. I dont think this is accurate.

      Cat in a Wig
  • Slightly gentle, seems about right. I don't really care for many people or things besides my interests and those who are actually loyal and caring of me which isn't many but whatever. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • Great quiz. Keep up the great work. =)


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