How Fun Are You?

There are many types of people in the world. But the best types, are those who know how to have fun! Everyone eathier loves then, loves to laugh at them, or envys them because of thier awesomeness.

So the question is, how fun are YOU? Are you the amazing stunt person who will do anything for a laugh, or are you the boring on-looker? Take this quick quiz to find out!!

Created by: Rachel of YouTube
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  1. Your bored on a saturday. You
  2. So, say your at a party. You will most likely be
  3. Your at school. What's usually appart of your day?
  4. So you and your friends are hanging out. Which of the below is usually you?
  5. Your at a boring party. You
  6. You and your friend are bored. You
  7. Your favorite thing to do is
  8. Your favorite time of the week is
  9. You have alot of messy food, a plethera of amazing dance music, DDR, and all the time in the world. You
  10. You are at the mall with your friend(s), you

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Quiz topic: How Fun am I?