What super power would you have

Superheros are people to look up to. Every one loves them, their movies and lives. Thier powers are the true part of them. Thier powers also include thier inner self.

So, their powers are important. Don't you want them? Well this quiz will show you which one you would have that fit your personalty. Soon you will be able to see your inner power.

Created by: anniefan
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you see someone stuck or alone what do you do.
  2. What is more interesting to you in school
  3. What would you rather have as a symbal
  4. what would you rather have as annitals
  5. what color do you want your costume
  6. How long are you able to sneak out(by hours)
  7. on a scale from 1-6 how flexible are you (1 least, 6 most)
  8. what would you rather fight
  9. do you love...
  10. ok, free fun question. who is your favorite super hero

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