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  • You Are 92% Fun!

    CONGRADULATIONS!! YOU ARE AMAZINGLY FUN!! You are the type of person that can have enough fun for everyone! You will do ANYTHING to amuse yourself and others (thank goodness for people like you!) So stop taking stupid personality quizes, grab that zebra print bakini, and go crash a party like the true hero you are! Go spread your fun-ness with pride (insert name here)! We salute you! *claps wildly for you*

    i am an idiot and do stupid daredevil things =p go par-tAys!!! w00t

  • 94% Fun. Awesome! Well, I do like to have fun, but I DON'T do anything dangerous (I'm kinda a goody-good hehe). But good quiz. 8 of 10 stars.

  • im 87% fun!!! yay me!!! and the funny thing is... i just bought a zebra print bikini today!!! no lie.


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