How Friendly Are You On Animal Jam?

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Everybody knows you can be a bully, a buddy, or even A STRANGER YOU CAN TRUST! But why not test your score? Test here today for free and check what kind of jammer YOU are!

Are YOU a friend to every jammer? Do you have friendship for everyone?right now maybe your wondering idk what i am. In just a few clicks, you can check what jammer you are!

Created by: SouthernAlien

  1. You find a jammer getting bullied, you:
  2. You find a jammer who got hacked you:
  3. You see a jammer who REALLY wants to be your buddy you:
  4. You saw a jammer who recently got scammed you:
  5. How many buddy's do you have?
  6. Would you want to have new jammers as your buddy's?
  7. Would you give up your whole account to your best buddy who got hacked?
  8. What would you say to a jammer who asked you for help?
  9. Would you give free membership to a random jammer JUST to be nice?
  10. Would you do a giveaway for new jammers only?

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Quiz topic: How Friendly am I On Animal Jam?