your animal soul...

this quiz is entirely friendly made by me a 5th grader I love animals so I made a quiz for them if you are going to put bad words into the comments please don't with all respect.....

I am sorry if you did not like the results the gargoyle is not a true 'animal' but it was fun to add it. pay attention to the advice it may help you one day this quiz is entirely real 100 percent...

Created by: alanah

  1. pick
  2. pick
  3. do you have siblings
  4. favorite flavor
  5. is this boring
  6. what is your fav color
  7. 2 more a man is chasing you do do experiments on you
  8. ddcghcjbgbmnggtvbjnf
  9. I lied 1 more now remember the man he caught you so what do you do
  10. tie breaker!!!

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Quiz topic: My animal soul...