Do You Really Love Animals?

In this quiz you will find out whether you are a true animal lover or not. The results are not meant to be offensive, but in the quiz it is vital to know whether you care about animals or not. Try and answer truthfully because you will need honest answers to find out about the real you.

I tried to make this quiz fun and exciting so please try and enjoy it. You can post you results in the comments BUT PLEASE NO BAD COMMENTS!! I seriously hope you enjoyed this quiz and I might be making more so please look for quizzes made by ORA POTTER, Harry Potter's wife ( because he divorced Ginny Weasley for multiple reasons) It might be boring reading this so I will just say this: HAVE FUN!!

Created by: Ora Potter
  1. If you see a little dog in the gutter, but it has one ear, a funny eye and a hairless leg, what do you do with it?
  2. Would you dye an animal pink?
  3. Would you campaign to stop deforestation? (When trees cut down and animals lose their homes, rivers get polluted and sea life will die etc)
  4. Would you get a pet because:
  5. If an animal bit you, would you still be loyal to animals?
  6. What would you want more out of these:
  7. Do you wish for a pet? Why? (If you have a pet, why did you want one?)
  8. Are animals disgusting even if they pick their noses with their tongues?
  9. What would a "save animals" poster of yours read? (Don't worry, all animals are not dying out luckily)
  10. How much money would you give to save an animal shelter?

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Love Animals?