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  • Omigiod, lol 0% is 100% accurate. *reads comments*
    Looks like there's a crowd of depression here...

    khahinica Mar 8 '19, 1:26PM
  • 0% Hah! I knew it :D

    ToxicSadBoi Mar 7 '19, 12:28PM
  • 0 percent
    They were right i hate me

    Anime1234 Apr 27 '16, 6:02PM
  • 0 percent
    They were right i hate me

    Anime1234 Apr 27 '16, 5:44PM
  • I got 0%. :(
    yup, it was pretty correct. :)

    DEMILOVATOLOVER Mar 4 '16, 10:51PM
  • 0%

    To be exact

    MidnightDarkness Jun 21 '15, 9:26AM
  • Im crying
    I'm failing subjects in school
    if i get left back i will kill myself

    lorrianna Jun 1 '15, 7:28PM
  • 0% yea its a good quiz that is exactly what I feel 0%

    alondra May 27 '15, 4:04AM
  • You are 6% happy with yourself and life.


    You are not happy with yourself or life at all. Try and find something you like to do in life maybe you'll be happy. Don't listen to people who put you down because you are amazing in your own wonderful way!!!

    It's should be lower.

    Nature May 23 '15, 9:19PM
  • 2% ...thats true

    kissmiss Nov 4 '14, 11:55AM
  • 0%

    Sometimes Nov 3 '14, 9:44PM
  • its true i really don't like myself or my life i feel alone even when surrounded by people i feel like a waste of space and i wish i would know my purpose in life 0% was right on

    eee Aug 18 '14, 9:51PM
  • 0% is not low enough for me it's more alike negative infinity PLEASE KILL ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

    Chrsp May 11 '14, 10:37PM
  • 0%. Dead on.

    Butter398 Apr 3 '14, 9:49PM
  • 0%

    Amychu Feb 13 '14, 5:05PM
  • 40 percent is pretty true, it's a good quiz.

    Adrastea Nov 11 '13, 12:56PM
  • I would say I'm a little more happier with life.

    Br0wnies Feb 20 '13, 5:31PM
  • 11%. Kinda true...but not exactly.

    Br0wnies Feb 20 '13, 5:30PM
  • 19% sooo true.

    Sonic_Fan_12345 Jul 3 '12, 4:55PM
  • cool i got 85% happy with myself yea htat is pretty cool

    hellogirl Jan 15 '09, 8:02PM
  • come on people I created this quiz I wish more people would take it and comment please tell me even if you think it sucked!

    hellogirl Dec 18 '08, 10:19PM
  • great quiz.

    misskiss Dec 6 '08, 2:16AM

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