How do you feel about yourself

Do you ever get angry at yourself, or just wish you would dissappear? Yes or no? Answer the quiz and see if you agree with it, are you hard on yourself?

Why are you mad? Oh its because of yourself. You hate yourself. No you don't you are great. Find out if you are happy with you and your life, or do you want to die.

Created by: Lauren
  1. People tell you your ugly. How do you react to that?
  2. If you answered D for the above question. People tell you your pretty/cute/hot. What do you say?
  3. Did you ever do something that made you feel embaressed, and then got mad at your self for being careless?
  4. Do you look in the mirror and wished you looked different?
  5. How easily offended do you get if someone tells you that you don't look normal. (fat,too thin,short,really tall, ecetra)
  6. How many things do you want to change about yourself?
  7. Do you hate yourself?
  8. Are you happy with your life?
  9. Are you mentally depressed
  10. If you answered yes to the previous question why are you depressed?

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Quiz topic: How do I feel about myself