a quiz for my mom

This is a test that I made to show my mom how i feel, to show her a few of the reasons why I get upset and angry with you. Please take the quiz, please.

If you take the test, be truthful and don't lie, because I will know. Please answer like this isn't just a dumb test. This is my way of telling you why I get mad.

Created by: konvolinka of this site
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  1. Do you let your daughter walk home from school?
  2. Do you make her talk in an uncomfortable situation?
  3. Do you trust your daughter?
  4. Does your child have a bed time?
  5. does your daughter get the same amount of benifits(independances) as responsibilities
  6. Is your daughter gifted and smart? Is she treated that way(according to her)?
  7. At age ten, who had to sit longer? (think of the weekend i sat on time out with charlie)
  8. Are you asking too much from your child?
  9. Is your child sad because of the way YOU treat her (with lukas and all)?
  10. Does your child want to move in with her dad because of the way you treat her?

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