How Should You Show Him You're Interested?

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Hey everyone! This is just a cute and simple quiz to show what you should do to show him you care! This quiz was made for girls to show them what they should do for their guy, but I mean I guess a dude can take it if he wants to lol.

I hope you have fun figuring out what you should do to show him you care! These results are accurate to me, and if you agree then feel free to comment!

Created by: Sophie
  1. Where was your last date?
  2. Who usually sends the first text?
  3. How does he talk to you when you're hanging out?
  4. What do his friends think of you?
  5. Have you met his parents?
  6. What kind of guy is he?
  7. Are you officially dating?
  8. Last movie you watched?
  9. Favorite thing to do when you're together?
  10. How do your conversations usually go?

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Quiz topic: How should I Show Him You're Interested?