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Just finished you favorite show and trying to find a new show to watch? Well you've lucked out, you lucky MF'er you. The following quiz is to help you pick the next show to fit your mood.

all of this results are based on my opinion, thus all the results are tv series i would recommend to somebody i know. every result is one of my favorite just divided by their genre and interest niches.

Created by: Elmer
  1. Whats your age?
  2. whats your race(yes it matters)
  3. Pick your Favorite Video game(out of available)
  4. Pick on of these popular yet terrible tv shows
  5. what do you aspire to be known as in social circles?
  6. If you have a bucket with 5 apples, and another with 4 apples, how many buckets do you have?
  7. What location is more "romantic"
  8. Whats your mood?
  9. Pick a Genre
  10. Which on of these have you already seen?

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