How much of a show person are you?

There are a lot of good show people out there but could you be at the top of my list? Well take this quiz and find out. Please dont be upset with your score as its just a fun quiz I made while I was bored!!

Are you the top dog of the show world or are you the small dog of the show world??? Well find out here and dont take scores to heart unless you have a good score. I was bored and decied to make a quiz after I made a poll!!! xxx

Created by: Caragh Angel
  1. You have a show in 1 week and your pony needs to work on its show. What do you do?
  2. Your show is in 2 days and your pony is ditry.What do you do??
  3. You are wating for showing season to hurry up and its a nice day and you have been schooling your pony all week. What do you do?
  4. What do you wash your pony in?
  5. You are offered a new pony for showing what type would ypu pink?. ( not effect on reuslt)
  6. Your freind gets a new traditional cob pony and you have always wanted one what would you say? ( No effect on sore)
  7. You have a pony who has a great trit but needs work on its canter. What would you do?
  8. Yay Nearly done. You have your first show in 2 weeks and your pony is very hyper and so are you. What would you like to achive at your show
  9. You are looking at add's in the local horse mag and you see 4 add's witch stand out witch on would you chose?
  10. You are at CHAPS coloured pony grading and you see 3 lovely ponies but one dosent quite hit the mark. Wicth one do you think dosent?

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Quiz topic: How much of a show person am I?