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    "Coping with problems alone is hard Over some time you will eventually fail Demystifying what you feel is essential Yes tha"
  • Level 17
    "And I actually realize how many mistakes I made here. But now I'm older, hopefully I understand better. And yes please rest when you f"
  • Level 17
    "I've been getting better compared to that time, thank you for supporting me. My English and storywriting is also better compared to my first..."
  • Level 17
    "Ahaha, I miss you! How's life after, I don't know how many years?"
  • Level 17
    "And this CaptainMop is Cody. Am I right?"
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  • Cody's Thread
    "is Cody around?"
  • "Indonesia:')"
  • "If you do use it, can you tell me your name? It gets so lonely quickly there with no friend😂"
  • Cody's Thread
    "Where is Cody now? ;("
  • Cody's Thread
    "Codyyy do you remember me? D:"
  • Cody's Thread
  • Cody's Thread
    "Happy birthday Cody!! I am late 3 hours :( Have a nice..18?19? I can't remember but I know your birthday is on October!M♡ Wish"
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  • "3/28/2016 Participants: ------------- , Nathania Tjung Messages: --------- Nathania Tjung:"

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