How Croydon are you?

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Visited, live or lived in Croydon, or never been near it, everyone has a little Croydon in them....don't they? Croydon is a town that divides opinion so what score are you hoping for?

Whatever score you get will you be brave enough to share it with your friends? What do you do if you joke about Croydon being a cess pit and then discover you are 100% Croydon? (you can lie say the quiz questions were rubbish).

Created by: olimatthews84
  1. Which movie had part of it filmed in Croydon?
  2. Little Bay?
  3. Croydon's nothing but a concrete jungle.
  4. What was the 'Blue Orchid'?
  5. Out of these, what is the best thing about Croydon?
  6. What's the music scene like in Croydon?
  7. Croydon appears in the Domesday book.
  8. What was the name of the pub in the middle of the Whitgift Centre called?
  9. Out of all the London boroughs where does Croydon score for crimes committed in 2012?
  10. When out in the street do you tend to...
  11. Croydon is London's biggest borough by population.
  12. Out of the 33 London boroughs where does Croydon rank as greenest?
  13. Croydon is home to the famous Brit School.
  14. (A snobby question) What is generally considered to be the most posh part of Croydon?
  15. Finally - nothing to do with Croydon. Are you fed up with the amount of "How[insert area]are you?" quizzes?

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Quiz topic: How Croydon am I?